Hello! Thank you for visiting the support page.

We need your help in order to operate legally and compensate lyricists for their work, and to cover our operating expenses (hundreds of dollars per year).

Instead of having subscriptions or per-use fee, we decided to offer you this service on a trial basis using the "Value for Value" model. Consider what value you have received from the app and the enjoyment you have gotten from the lyrics, and then put a number to that and send it to us in the form of time, treasure, or talent.

Three Ways You Can Help Us

1) Bitcoin

Create an invoice and pay it through your Bitcoin wallet.
Public key: 03fe3b569946368ff529540b3d04d0080c385331a0bc9ac90eb1ea71d80d4a86bc

2) Cash, Check, Correspondence (including ideas for what your time or talent could entail)

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3) Paypal to user luvlythinking@gmail.com