SongSync was invented by Robert Willey and programmed by a group of students at Ball State University.

It costs us hundreds of dollars a year to offer this service (i.e. AWS web services, Voltage node, post office box), and in order to operate legally we need to pay license fees to the lyricists. Instead of having subscriptions or per-use fee, we decided to offer you this service on a trial basis using the "Value for Value" model. We ask that you consider what value you have received from the app and the enjoyment you have gotten from the lyrics, and then send that to us in the form of time, treasure, or talent.

How to use SongSync

Video tutorial

Connect your devices (phone, tablet, etc.) to the internet.

The leader should:

  1. Run the SongSync app at
  2. Open a chordpro file stored locally on their device or located on the internet. Jim maintains a huge library. Right-click on any title to copy the link, and then paste that into the SongSync app dialog box
  3. Create a session with a name
  4. Give the session name to friends so they can join
  5. Turn the device sideways in landscape mode
  6. Use the arrow keys or a bluetooth footpedal to advance to the next screen

Followers should:

  1. Open the SongSync app at
  2. Enter the session name provided by the leader
  3. Turn phone sideways in landscape mode
  4. The advancing of the lyrics will be controlled by the leader

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